Motoring Millennials

Fearless - Ida Zetterstrom

February 02, 2022
Motoring Millennials
Fearless - Ida Zetterstrom
Show Notes

On the latest episode of Motoring Millennials - Scandinavian Super Street Bike Champion and European FIA Top Fuel Dragster driver, Ida Zetterstrom joins us! Topics include:

  • Ida's fast evolving career and her lesson's learned from Jr. Dragster, Super Street Bike, and now, Top Fuel Dragster
  • Ida's Lucky 13 Super Street Bike and the thrill of racing a 6 second motorcycle
  • Racing Top Fuel Dragster now and future aspirations for Ida
  • Racing in Europe - limited schedules and the logistics of traveling across countries for events
  • A fun "rapid fire" segment to get to know Ida more

All of that, and much more!

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